Our interests are aligned with around 20%
insider ownership of partnership assets

Who We Serve

Ewing Morris & Co. started our initial Limited Partnership with $3.3 million in net assets from family and friends. Today, assets have grown to over $360 million and we continue to be a family-oriented company with a deep responsibility as stewards of investors’ capital.

Returns and Expectations

Our goal is to protect capital and deliver above-average investment results over time while delivering first-rate client service. The firm’s employee-owned structure and capital commitment to our investment partnerships ensure that our interests are aligned with our clients. This approach has led to a high level of client satisfaction with over 95% client retention rate among our limited partners since inception.

Eligible Investors

Types of investors who are eligible to invest in our Funds

  • Institutions, Charitable Organizations, Corporations

  • Registered Investors (TFSA, RRSP & RRIFs)

  • Individuals

  • All Investors Must Be Accredited

Investor Communications

What investors can expect from Ewing Morris & Co.

  • Candor In Communication

  • Timely & Relevant Communication

  • Monthly Statements

  • Annual and Semi-Annual Financial Statements

  • Letter to Investors

  • Annual Investor Day

  • Quarterly Investment Commentary

  • Tax Reporting