Ewing Morris Perspectives: A New Take on Fixed Income

Randy Steuart joined the Ewing Morris team in late 2015 to launch the Flexible Fixed Income Fund. The Flexible Fixed Income Fund invests in debt, focuses on downside protection and is designed for investors who want to avoid the volatility …Read More »

Today’s billion-dollar mistake in Canadian fixed income

People invest in bonds because they don’t want to lose money. But the problem is that many investors are not paying attention to the after-tax returns of their bond investments. Today, there are negative expected after-tax returns on billions of …Read More »

Ubiquiti Networks, A Case Study in Business Model Disruption

Ewing Morris & Co. was featured in this month’s Capitalize for Kids’ Monthly Manager Insight and makes the case for Ubiquiti Networks being a business model disruptor in the networking technology space. Capitalize for Kids – Ubiquiti Networks Case Study

Avie Bennett – Advisory Board Member

It is with great sadness that we note the passing of Avie Bennett on June 2, 2017. He was an esteemed Advisory Board member of Ewing Morris & Co. Investment Partners. We are extremely proud of our long association with …Read More »

Darcy Morris Speaks at Context NYC 2017

Darcy Morris shares his insight into policy changes proposed by the new U.S. administration. Darcy Morris of Ewing Morris gives perspective on policy changes proposed by new administration

Investor Day Transcript 2016

We thought you might be interested in the transcript from our 5th Annual Investor Meeting held on October 19th at the Toronto Reference Library. 5th Annual Investor Meeting transcript Please find an overview of the contents below. State of the Union …Read More »

Smaller Is Better as Canada Hedge Funds Outperform Global Rivals

Bloomberg News | By Allison McNeely and Maciej Onoszko Minuscule though they may be, Canadian hedge funds are dwarfing the returns of their bulky global peers. Canadian hedge funds, with about C$35 billion ($26 billion) under management,https://health-e-child.org/ returned almost nine …Read More »

Looking to beat the market?

Globe Investor | By Robert Tattersall John Ewing is fond of saying “you don’t have to be the smartest person in the room if you are the only person in the room”. This is why Ewing Morris continues to focus …Read More »

It’s A Small World After All

The Globe & Mail Report on Business Magazine | By Tim Shufelt The Canadian Small Cap market, excluding financials and natural resources, is a wonderfully inefficient investment niche because “nobody is looking”. This article reiterates this phenomenon.

Canadian Small Cap Advantage

As we have reiterated many times, our investment approach is focused on understanding and valuing a limited number of carefully chosen businesses run by trustworthy managers. But in order to profit from this approach, we need to find companies that …Read More »