Ewing Morris Perspectives: A New Take on Fixed Income

January 9, 2018

Randy Steuart joined the Ewing Morris team in late 2015 to launch the Flexible Fixed Income Fund. The Flexible Fixed Income Fund invests in debt, focuses on downside protection and is designed for investors who want to avoid the volatility traditionally associated with equity investing.

Randy recently authored a thought piece entitled Ewing Morris Perspectives: A New Take on Fixed Income. At Ewing Morris, our belief is that the current investing environment demands new, alternative perspectives to investing in fixed income. We keep hearing the same thing from investors: they worry that traditional long duration bond portfolios will not protect capital through different market environments, particularly if rates rise. Many have expressed similar concerns with large cap equity markets. We created the Ewing Morris Flexible Fixed Income Fund to address these concerns and fill the gap between traditional fixed income and large cap equities. Please do not hesitate to get in touch should you have any questions about this article.

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