Our interests are aligned with over 20%
insider ownership of partnership assets

Who We Serve

Ewing Morris & Co. started our initial Limited Partnership with $3.3 million in net assets from family and friends.  Today, assets have grown to over $250 million and we continue to be a family-oriented company with a deep responsibility as stewards of investors’ capital.

Returns and Expectations

Our goal is to protect capital and deliver above-average investment results over time while delivering first-rate client service.  The firm’s employee-owned structure and capital commitment to our investment partnerships ensure that our interests are aligned with our clients.  This approach has led to a high level of client satisfaction with over 95% client retention rate among our limited partners since inception.

Eligible Investors

Types of investors who are eligible to invest in our Funds

Investor Communications

What investors can expect from Ewing Morris & Co.

  • Candor In Communication

  • Timely & Relevant Communication

  • Monthly Statements

  • Annual and Semi-Annual Financial Statements

  • Letter to Investors

  • Annual Investor Day

  • Quarterly Investment Commentary

  • Tax Reporting