Berkshire Hathaway Annual Shareholders Meeting – First in Line

May 20, 2015

On April 30th, the Ewing Morris team and a few of our investors made the pilgrimage to Omaha, Nebraska to attend Berkshire Hathaway’s Annual General Meeting. We were part of the thousands of people who attended this Woodstock for Capitalists, to hear Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger espouse their investment and life philosophies; and to watch them eat and drink sugary treats for 8 hours. We were however part of the very few that made this journey in an RV and can without question lay claim to being the first in line for the historic 50th!  #BRK.RV


By Cindy Gonzalez / World-Herald staff writer (May 2, 2015)

Early birds


Alex Ryzhikov and John Ewing drove 20 hours in a camper trailer from Toronto, pulled into the storied Gorat’s Steak House, then parked their 45-foot rig in a downtown lot before trotting to the CenturyLink.

At the locked front door by 12:30 a.m. Saturday, they hold the distinction of being the first shareholders in line for Berkie madness. (Their title was confirmed by other early birds around them.)

“I wanted to be the first in line, just so I could say I was the first in line,” said Ryzhikov, 30. “It’s all in the spirit.”

Six others fell asleep in the RV and planned to catch up with their buddies before the gates opened to the public at 7 a.m. Ryzhikov said he had been to one other shareholders meeting, in 2011, and didn’t want to miss the golden anniversary. He thought the cross-country drive with like-minded investor/adventurous minds would be the perfect primer — never mind that he hadn’t had any shut-eye since around lunchtime Friday. 

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